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Question. What is of the utmost importance and yet often gets  super neglected?  Why it's you.

We all know the strong connection between the body and the mind; when you are caring for your body, you think and feel better! 

Physical self-care involves how you are fueling your body, how much sleep you get, how much physical activity you engage in daily, and how you care overall for your physical needs.

This takes persistent work and an actionable plan - there is no way around that.  We as humans are not perfect. Put plainly - we really do need all the help we can get to be our best selves. 

Here are some of our selections that are best suited to help you along in your efforts at self-care.  


Elmore Mountain Therapeutics - CBD

By providing science backed education and high quality lab tested CBD products, the EMT Team deliver the most effective products to suit your needs.

Elmore Mountain Therapeutics® offers medical grade high concentration cbd sublingual tincture and topical balm.

Their CBD is extracted utilizing super critical CO2 extraction to deliver the highest quality extract. 

Every batch is tested for potency and proven free of contaminants.

Experience pure CBD bliss with Elmore Mountain Therapeutics CBD skincare line. 

Elmore Mountain's CBD spa collection is designed to help you take better care of your skin & improve your mood all while keeping your health & the environment in mind.

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