Telling Your Story to Better Design Your Future

We are currently remodeling our space and revamping our business model for a fresh take on the spa & beauty experience. We are also creating a space for you to share a little bit about yourself because your story is important.

Go ahead! Get it off your chest  - now is most certainly the time to do so. 


Please feel to write about some of the positives and negatives from your experiences in the service or spa industry. To deny the drawbacks of personal work experiences is to live in a false reality.  Therein lies many of the deep rooted problems within the current world of recruitment and career fulfillment. 

 Things are definitely different now. 

You have grown through all the triumphs and inevitable mishaps in having a go at work + life.  It is true that we all had a little chunk of time outside of time to consider how things might be better moving forward.  

 We are shifting to facilitate a better use of our strengths  while respecting the mood of the moment.  This means that we are incorporating your strengths and evaluating where you want to improve.  You can design the life you want while helping us build a product and service based success story in the new, new normal.  This is a level up of a win-win.

 Working from home is absolutely possible in this industry. 

 How? Talk to us.  We would love to meet you and listen to your take on our new concepts.  If you have entrepreneurial aspirations and know that you require taking the necessary steps to get you there - we would like to get to know more about you.  

 Our updated business model reflects the needs of  the team player in today's marketplace.  Set up a time to come in and have a cup of tea and you will be amazed with the new possibilities available now for you. 

Our Core Values

ingredients matter

In our spa services and shop, we offer professional organic eco-friendly products using smart botanicals and essential oils that go above and beyond. We combine the finest traditions with nourishing innovations.

Our team is obsessed with educating ourselves on and trying new products. We believe that the products we use to vitalize our bodies and behavior reflects positively on our world and our future in it.

hoNoring Time

When someone chooses to invest their time and money into our craft -  it allows us an opportunity to be truly present and bring our A-game.  Each guest is our priority and we are their guides.  They come to us for time out of time. 

The focus on the role you play during this time is the key to making it all work. Our operation honors the sanctuary that we provide for our clients and the fulfillment of our duty to them.

Responsibility & Accountability

Mini Spa VT is greater than the sum of its parts. Together we create a shared purpose that makes all the effort feel so worthwhile. Our individual energy and output reflects upon and impacts everyone here. 

This is why we take 100% responsibility for our words, our tone, and our actions while emphasizing the importance of hearing input and supporting your peers. As a result we are able to experience and own a culture of inclusion, mutual respect, professionalism, success, and fun.