Join Our Team

Mission Statement: Everyone needs and deserves wellness.

At Mini Spa VT & Blue Lotus Shop - we are committed to consciously supporting the transformational growth of our team members and community. 

By investing in educational relationships and causes which align with our vision of beauty and well-being - we are celebrating the best you can be.

Freedom to Grow

 At Mini Spa VT & Blue Lotus Shop we believe in this simple formula:

Quality Training + Supportive Environment - Drama = Happy Employees = Happy Clients

To be truly engaged you must feel included and valued. If something feels off about your current career trajectory - even though it may align with goals you have set for yourself; then perhaps there is a deeper concern to be addressed.


At Mini Spa VT we understand how culture can either be a boon or a burn-out factor for those who work in the craft. Culture comes from the top down and it is not something that are simply inspirational words on a page or placard.  

It comes from a foundation of many years of experience in the industry of working from the bottom up.

Mini Spa VT is a family-run business that is well-versed in the variety of struggles and effort it takes to manage day-to-day existence with the long game of achieving personal goals.

Our spa is a place you can step up your technical skills and grow through our Continued Education and Training Day Sessions. We invest in your professional and personal development - whether you aim to switch tracks for a new path or move ahead on your current course. 

We aim to inspire our in-spa family to explore different skill sets while fostering the development of what makes each individual passionate about the work.

"I enjoy taking care of people. Being able to relieve someone's physical pain, elevate their mood or simply give a relaxing service that might be the best part of their day is so rewarding!"


                                                                                                                                               -Allie King

In this day and age people realize that basic human connection is more important than ever.  This happens to be what we do best.  Our clients come for your expertise but they stay with us for our connection with them.  To be seen, heard, valued, and to experientially feel better - this creates the ultimate confidence boost and delivers a positive ripple effect in our community.


This ripple effect is a result of the vibe that comes from our people, our place, and our performance

Place and environment are important in our work - it sets the tone for all that follows in providing true wellness.  With this in mind we will plainly state that we are not a cookie-cutter drive up strip mall former rental to an accounting firm kind of spa. We know that you know what we are talking about.

Our spa is unique. There is no doubt about it.  When you step inside - you will immediately feel the magnitude of place being a factor in how you conduct your craft.  

No matter what the paycheck statement reads or whatever additional perks are available for your lifestyle - your true contentment comes down to one thing: 

Work/Life Balance

Just like your time - it  is invaluable.  When Work/Life Balance is maintained  - you are free to be a better version of you.

Features & Benefits 
  • Management that enthusiastically supports your goals

  • Ongoing educational workshops and opportunities for career advancement

  • Performance bonuses and reviews

  • Knowledgeable clients who value your skill sets

  • Paid time off

  • Complimentary spa services- friends & family discounts

  • Exceptional product discounts

  • Free parking

  • Paid lunch break

Our Core Values

ingredients matter

In our spa services and shop, we offer professional organic eco-friendly products using smart botanicals and essential oils that go above and beyond. We combine the finest traditions with nourishing innovations.

Our team is obsessed with educating ourselves on and trying new products. We believe that the products we use to vitalize our bodies and behavior reflects positively on our world and our future in it.

hoNoring Time

When someone chooses to invest their time and money into our craft -  it allows us an opportunity to be truly present and bring our A-game.  Each guest is our priority and we are their guides.  They come to us for time out of time. 

The focus on the role you play during this time is the key to making it all work. Our operation honors the sanctuary that we provide for our clients and the fulfillment of our duty to them.

Responsibility & Accountability

Mini Spa VT is greater than the sum of its parts. Together we create a shared purpose that makes all the effort feel so worthwhile. Our individual energy and output reflects upon and impacts everyone here. 

This is why we take 100% responsibility for our words, our tone, and our actions while emphasizing the importance of hearing input and supporting your peers. As a result we are able to experience and own a culture of inclusion, mutual respect, professionalism, success, and fun.


Do you want to engage in meaningful work, maintain balance in your life, and experience new challenges while transforming someone's day? 

Then we'd love to connect with you! Here are some of the current roles available on our team:

Licensed Esthetician


Nail Technician

We are currently on the lookout for a seasoned Nail Tech to expertly perform Pedicures and Manicures, including Shellac/gel polish. This position is a fit for a well-rounded practitioner who wants to hone their skills in a multitude of ways while maintaining balance with life outside of the day job.

Massage Therapist

We are seeking professional, positive and motivated massage therapists who can perform a variety of massage treatments and wants to acquire new skill sets.

Spa Coordinator

This position is a fit for those with a bright personality who are adept at keeping pace with guests' interactions and requests. The Safety and Comfort of our clients begins and ends with the standards held by this key position in our spa.