Welcome to the Next Level


Right now.  This is a new moment to be more than just your resume or position title.

Downside.  Society will always try to affix some sort of label upon you.

Upside.  It doesn't have to stick. The way you react and take ownership of your life is entirely up to you.  

You are not your job title.  Actually, you are more like a brand than you may realize. You are an identity that is evolving and expanding that is beyond a fixed label given by others.


The label of the services you provide do not make for an adequate indicator of who you are to the world. These labels devalue who you really are and can create long-standing mental health issues particularly in the service industry.

The service industry has a track record of “talking the talk”.  Quite often, the role you assume is the prime valuation of your worth to many who are conditioned to it (even your family & friends).  The stigma from this assumption can quietly pose the long-term mental health cost of reaching your potential.

We know of this from longstanding experiences in that sector and we feel that there is a better way forward. 

Co-Creating: Design Principles at Work + Home

Mini Spa VT and Lotus & Lily are recalibrating for operations in the new, new normal in the Service Sector by focusing on what truly matters most. You.  We are adding an interpersonal dimension to the spa + wellness + service experience that has been lacking.

For Summer 2022 we have pivoted to a hybrid business model by delivering Spa Services and Lotus & Lily Products as our mainstays. This pivot allows for a more inclusive experience for local talent while we diversify and fine tune our focus.  New talent will operate under the designation of Design Team. 

Our brick and mortar location will continue to act as home for exceptional spa experiences and now it will provide additional purposes to the physical space. Here are some of our new offerings:

  • Culinary + Spa partnerships 

  • Outreach Programs for Corporate, Community, + Personal Wellness

  • Workshops in Creating Product Lines

For our Design Team members - a typical work week will entail bringing home 1 or 2 of our Lotus & Lily Take-Home Boxes for a 10 Hour Pay Period Segment. Making our products at home through hands-on training and support will give you the means to build a veritable foundation for your future endeavors. The finishing details for your Take-Home Product Box Project will be completed during one or two of your shifts within the Battery Street location.

Design Team Members work while wearing different hats. Whether you are taking on clients as a Massage Therapist, Nail Technician, on the road as a Farmer’s Market Manager, acting as a Course Instructor, or as a Spa Tender/Coordinator; you will be able to better balance the important things in your home life.   Even more, you get a risk-free opportunity to hold down a second job while you test its feasibility in your lifestyle. Where else can you get that?


 At Mini Spa VT and Lotus & Lily we believe in this simple formula:

Quality Training + Supportive Environment - Drama = Happy Employees = Happy Clients

Even with seemingly exceptional work-life balance the role/position/title affixed to you at your workplace can be pervasive and ultimately undermine your wellness on a bigger scale.


At Mini Spa VT we understand how culture can either be a boon or a burn-out factor for those who work in the craft. Culture comes from the top down and it is not something that are simply inspirational words on a page or placard.  

It comes from a foundation of many years of experience in the industry of working from the bottom up.

Mini Spa VT is a family-run business that is well-versed in the variety of struggles and effort it takes to manage day-to-day existence with the long game of achieving personal goals.

Our spa is a place you can step up your technical skills and grow through our Continued Education and Training Day Sessions. We invest in your professional and personal development - whether you aim to switch tracks for a new path or move ahead on your current course. 

We aim to inspire our in-spa family to explore different skill sets while fostering the development of what makes each individual passionate about the work.


In this day and age people realize that basic human connection is more important than ever.  This happens to be what we do best.  Our clients come for your expertise but they stay with us for our connection with them.  To be seen, heard, valued, and to experientially feel better - this creates the ultimate confidence boost and delivers a positive ripple effect in our community.


This ripple effect is a result of the vibe that comes from our people, our place, and our performance

Place and environment are important in our work - it sets the tone for all that follows in providing true wellness.  With this in mind we will plainly state that we are not a cookie-cutter drive up strip mall former rental to an accounting firm kind of spa. We know that you know what we are talking about.

Our spa is unique. There is no doubt about it.  When you step inside - you will immediately feel the magnitude of place being a factor in how you conduct your craft.  

No matter what the paycheck statement reads or whatever additional perks are available for your lifestyle - your true contentment comes down to one thing: 

Work/Life Balance

Just like your time - it  is invaluable.  When Work/Life Balance is maintained  - you are free to be a better version of you.

Work/life balance has tended to mean checking all the meaningful boxes to maintain relationships and be effective in multifunctional roles.  At this moment in time are the metrics for work-life balance giving a false reading?

Some Questions To Ponder 
  • Do you possess insatiable curiosity & creativity? 

  • Are you amazing at times and even surprise yourself? How?

  • Were you an introvert or extrovert growing up? Nowadays?

  • Do you struggle just like everyone else? How?

  • Do you aspire to be better in your current situation? What steps are you taking to do so?

  • Are you aware that the labels and culture of the pre-pandemic workplace are systematically woven to persist in a broken but still functioning reality?


Reframing your narrative. Experience can come without any preconceived notions of age, background, or identity. C’mon it’s different now. 


Do you want to engage in meaningful work, maintain balance in your life, and experience new challenges while transforming someone's day? 

Then we'd love to connect with you! There are several roles ( or hats) available on our Design Team - find out which ones fit you.

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