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As of July 14th we have officially closed our operations. We thank you for your continued support through the years.  

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For over 10 years Mini Spa VT has been a home away from home for many in the Burlington  community.  

It has been an incredible experience over the past several years to say the least. One that has  highlighted the many shades of challenges inherent in running a small business in these times. 

Getting to know many of you and creating relationships that will last beyond the space whence we first met is the ultimate reward to this venture.

We are currently transitioning operations into a different form that has actually been with us all along.

To this we are referring to our very own Lotus & Lily product line.  Marcie has taken every step along the way to ensure a standard of excellence in services.  Her hand crafted product line has been the thread that kept the services in high regard and demand.

The Lotus & Lily product line will now be the focus and next iteration of a pivot that has been coming for the past few months.


The Lotus and Lily product line began at the Farmers Market circuit and pre-empted the recent trend in Green Skin Care. Marcie Taff has been creating products for over 10 years in her garage and studio by using the finest and most optimal ingredients. As a mother and entrepreneur, Marcie has leveraged her skill sets and sensibilities into a product line that creates the kind of experience that we ourselves want and ultimately did not know we needed.


The Lotus & Lily product line is available  on our website and at the Summer 2022 Richmond & Burlington Farmers Markets. Come visit us and see what is next in our product & service design. Hope to see you there!

Mini Spa VT and Blue Lotus Shop lotus icon.
Pedicure chairs with backdrop of redstone walls in Mini Spa VT and Blue Lotus Shop.

 Mini Spa VT    &  Blue Lotus Shop

166 Battery Street   --  Burlington, Vermont

2012 -2022 

Mini Spa VT and Blue Lotus Shop lotus icon.

Thank you once again for your support and for sharing your time with us. Truly.