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Take time for yourself.  You deserve it.

Once you step in, you enter a haven; devoted to your total immersion in wellbeing. Whether you need to be cocooned, revived, or inspired - give us a little slice of your day and we will work wonders for you.

Pomeroy Building in the historic Battery Street District in Burlington, Vermont - home of Mini Spa VT and Blue Lotus Shop

Located in the historic Battery Street District in Burlington, Vermont - Mini Spa VT has been a leader in the area in health and wellness service for over 8 years.  Under new ownership for 2020,  Marcie Taff has redesigned the space with relaxation, rejuvenation and your utmost safety in mind.  

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Marcie’s vision and direction going forward through the “new normal” spa experience  encompasses an array of offerings that will optimize your life in ways you did not know you needed.

Especially in these times - an investment in yourself or a loved one is always a good idea.  At Mini Spa VT & Blue Lotus Shop; we see self care as a necessity and not as a once-in-a-while indulgence.  In fact, self care has taken on new meaning in the context of body, mind, and spirit.  Your well being has ripple effects on your loved ones and those you contact in person and on-screen. 

What if you felt so effortlessly fabulous that your simple presence made others happy?  

We can help you to get to that place with one of our... 

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Signature Spa Services

Our primary goal is to enable our clients to lead happy, healthy, and exceptional lives. In order to achieve this goal,  we have taken our spa experience  even further by launching our online store...

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Blue Lotus Shop

The Blue Lotus Shop is open for you as a resource and can assist you by offering tools and products for self maintenance and healing.  The Blue Lotus Shop offers a variety of inside-out body care products that are both wholesome and effective.  Marcie has carefully selected each product for its high-quality ingredients, intelligent formulations, locality, and therapeutic value.

The Blue Lotus Shop at Mini Spa VT located at 166 Battery Street in Burlington Vermont

We pride ourselves in supporting local eco-conscious businesses and organic products by using these in our services and selling them in our spa shop.  Our own in-house product line - Lotus & Lily are used in the services we offer and can be purchased at our Battery Street spa location as well.

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We believe self care is a vital part of health care.  Which is why we are doing everything we can through our shop and spa to keep you safe and well cared for.  Here is what some of our clients say about what we do for them...

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Thank you so much for being a part of our community.  We are honored to have this opportunity to create a place where people can let go of the stress and tension that get in the way of being happy, vibrant, and fully present.

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 Mini Spa VT    &  Blue Lotus Shop

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